Chinese Crested Dog



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Breed Description


The Chinese Crested dog is a hairless dog that is kept for companionship. They are delicate and require much care. These dogs are not difficult to train, they are playful, cunning and very vigilant dogs.


Country of origin:



Size type:

Small dog breeds


Breed group:

Toy dog breeds (AKC)



These are high-spirited, cunning, and playful dogs that are sensitive, vigilant, very lively, and active. They are somewhat cautious with people they don’t know.



The shoulder-height is 28 – 33cm (11 – 13in) for dogs and 23 – 30cm (9 – 11 ½ 2in) for bitches.






Provided children do not disturb the dog in its own territory, they will have no problem with this dog. They also rarely cause problem in the company of other dogs and pets.



There are two sorts of Chinese Crests. One only has hair on his head, ears, the tip of the tail, and a little on the feet. The hairless body feels soft to the touch. The other types, is known as the ‘Powder Puff.’ This type has an undercoat and a veil-like topcoat of silken hair. Any colour is acceptable. These two varieties are interbred with each other.



The skin of the Chinese Crested requires careful attention. These with show dogs wash the skin regularly with skin exfoliating cream made for human, to remove the dead cell and to soften the skin. The important point is for the skin to be supple and smooth and protected against becoming dry. These are excellent lotions and creams for this purpose. The unpigmented area of skin are especially sensitive to the sun and it is advisable not to expose them for long to the sun, or to use a quality suntan lotion. The ‘Powder Puff’ should be brushed now and then and washed more frequently. Usually these dogs have the hair on the face clipped to from downward-facing point to achieve the typical style of this of dog.



They Chinese Crested is not difficult to train because they are intelligent and quickly grasp what is require of them.


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