Mexican Hairless or Xoloitzcuintli



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Breed Description


The Mexican hairless or Xoloitzcuintli is an ideal watch dog and family pet. It is an extremely rare and special dog which could do with being better known and with more enthusiasts. They do not require much exercise and are affectionate towards their own people and they get well with children.


Country of origin:



Size type:

Small dog breeds


Breed group:

Non-sporting dog breeds (AKC)

Sighthounds and Pariah dogs (UKC)



They are affectionate towards their own people and get on well with children. These dogs are also intelligent, peaceful, and noble, and are extremely adaptable. They cannot bark but let out a howl of sports.



 The Mexican Hairless is bred in two sizes: one has a shoulder-height of 25 – 33cm (9 ½ - 13in), the other is 33 – 56cm (13 -22in).






These highly noticeable dogs generally get on with other dogs, all household animals, and with children.



This breed has no hair except for a tuff of short straight hairs on the forehead and longer hair on the tip of the tail. The skin is a variety of colours including black, elephant grey, dark bronze, and grey-black.



The fact that this has no hair does not mean that its skin require no care! The skin must be protected as much as possible from the sun to prevent sunburn. People who show these dogs scrub them regularly to remove dead skin and keep the skin soft, with special exfoliating cream intended for use by humans. It is most important to keep the skin supple and smooth and to prevent it becoming dry. This is usually done with a lotion or cream. Sometimes the skin rubbed with oil.



The Mexican Hairless is not difficult to train.


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