French Bulldog



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Breed Description


The French Bulldog is an ideal family pet that is easy to train and quite intelligent. They do better when kept in good condition. The French bull dog is a perfect choice for people who do not have much space in their home. They like to be part of the family and do can be taken anywhere with you. They don’t like to be in a kennel.


Country of origin:



Size type:

Small dog breeds


Breed group:

Non-sporting dog breeds (AKC)



These are intelligent, very affectionate, lovable dogs that are tolerant of children, and also playful, cheerful, sensitive, sometimes boisterous, with a strongly developed sense of humour, that are persistent, tough on themselves, and can be obstinate. French Bulldogs can be jealous if their owner’s attention is directed elsewhere. They like to be part of the family and should not be left alone too often



The shoulder-height is about 30cm (11 ½ 2in)



The weight is 8 – 13kg (17 ½ - 28 ½ 2lb).



It is often said that these dogs are mad about children but that is not true – it is more the case that the children are crazy about the dog. Some of them can be rather dominant towards other dogs, although there are never problem with other household pets – provided these dogs have met them when they were young and grown up with them. Most of them are fond of people and visitors are mostly enthusiastically welcomed, although some of the dogs be quite vigilant.



The coat is made up of short, hairs which lie one upon another to from to from dense layer. They can be a roan but fawn and white with streaked patches is the most usual combination.



There is little to the grooming of the breed. Brush them occasionally with a rubber and keep the ear passage clean – do not use cotton buds! Clip the claws to keep them short and treat the facial creases with a special lotion occasionally (although petroleum jelly seems to be a good substitute).



This breed is not difficult to train because they are bright and learn quickly. Their expressive face can easily lead you astray so it is important to be consistent with them. They are not only sensitive to the intonation of your voice but will pick up on any bad atmosphere in your house.


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