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Breed Description


These majestic dogs are best with an owner who has a large area of fenced ground in which these dogs can run all day, you will make this dog the happiest. They like to be close to the family and are fond of rest and comfort, making them unsuitable for life in a kennel. They can be difficult to understand at times, they will always protect your home.


Country of origin:



Size type:

Giant dog breeds


Breed group:

Hounds dog breeds (AKC)



These are proud and self-aware dogs that are loyal to their family. They are also good-natured, equable, calm when indoors, and more likely to be then to want to follow you about.



The shoulder-height is 70 – 72cm (27 ½ - 32 ½ 2in) for dogs, and about 5cm (2in) shorter for bitches.



34-47kg for dogs and 25-40kg for bitches



There dogs do not like intrusive strangers. They are noble animals that get on fairly well with children but they are certainly not playmates. They prize their rest and like rough play. They are usually fine with like-mined dogs. It is advisable to train them socially with cats and other pets as young as possible but they will always be hunters that tend to react to the sight of a fleeing animals.  



The coat consist of soft, medium –length wavy hair. Accepted colour are white, gold, red, grey, black, black roan, and patched 



The coat need regular grooming. Trim excess hair between the pads of the feet. During the grooming stage, these dogs need a heed a high nutrition diet; do not scrimp on it.



The training of this breed has to be based upon mutual respect. They are not very obedient, so expect no miracles, but teach them the basic requirements.


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