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Breed Description


The Saluki is a hunter by sight for large and small wild game and has overtime evolved into the ideal family companion. They hunt on sight and can be deaf to your calls when they see something that are passionate to chase. They are independent dogs that are peaceful and love to be with their owner.


Country of origin:



Size type:

Large dog breeds


Breed group:

Hounds dog breeds (AKC)

Sighthounds and Pariah (UKC)



These are independent dogs with minds of their own but are noble, peaceful, and need the company of their owner. They are cautious with strangers and have strong hunting instincts.



The shoulder-height is 58 – 71cm (22 ½ - 28in) for dogs, and slightly less for the bitches.






Saluki can get along perfectly well with like-mined dogs and it is possible to put them together with children. Other animals are better kept well away from them, regardless of whether these are rabbits or goats because their hunting instincts are very strong. With a few exceptions it has proven quite impossible to train such dogs not to hunt.



The coat is smooth and silken. The hair on the tail, ears, and rear of the legs should be feathered and longer. Salukis are white, cream, sandy, golden, red, grey-on-grey, three-coloured (black, brown and white), black with brown, and variation of these colourings.



The coat is kept in condition with an occasional through brushing, especially of the longer-haired part of the dog. Check the ear passages to ensure they are clean.



A degree of care is needed in the rearing of a young Saluki, This breed will never be perfectly obedient so do not set your sights too high. With much patience and insight you can get the dog to be fond of you and not an embarrassment to you. 


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