Scottish Deerhound



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Breed Description


The Deerhound is a hunter by sight for large game and also a good family pet. It requires lots of grooming due to the rough nature of the coat. They are friendly in nature and get along fine with children. They are happiest when they get sufficient exercise so be sure to allow them run freely in the countryside with close supervision.


Country of origin:

 Great Britain.


Size type:

Giant dog breeds


Breed group:

Hounds dog breeds (AKC) (UKC)



These are friendly, gentle-natured, sensible, and straightforward dogs that are noble, intelligent, kind to children, and not particularly vigilant. They rarely bark but are rather shard on themselves physically. Most of them very strong hunting instincts.



The shoulder-height is a minimum of 76cm (30in) for dogs and 71cm (28in) for bitches.



36.5-50kg for dogs and 34-43.2kg for bitches



With other similar dogs the Deerhound can get along fine and there are few difficulties with children. Some of the dogs of this breed have stronger hunting instincts other and this will have to be borne I n mind if you have cats and other animals.



The rough, medium-length coat should not feel woolly. The most common and the most prized colour is a dark blue-grey. Yellow sandy red, light grey, and roans of these colours are also possible, with dark mask and ears. A small amount of white on the tip of the tail, chest and feet is acceptable.



The coat should be brushed thoroughly on a regular basic. Pluck excess hair from the ear passages from time to time and remove surplus hair between the pads of the feet. Depending on the condition of the coat it may require plucking by hand once or twice per year



The Deerhound learns quite quickly proving the handler and dog understand each other. A friendly request often all that is needed to get the dog to what you want of it.


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