Portuguese Water Dog



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Breed Description


The Portuguese Water Dog is a fisherman’s working dog and an excellent family pet. It is a very lively and obedient dog that is loyal and friendly to the family. They love to swim and would prefer to exercise in such a manner.  


Country of origin:



Size type:

Medium dog breeds


Breed group:

Working dogs (AKC)

Gun dogs (UKC)



These   are high-spirited, friendly, obedience, and sociable dogs, which are keen to work, intelligent, and quick to grasp things. They also have a good nose for scents.



The shoulder-height is 50 – 57cm (19 ½ - 22 ½ in) for dogs, but a height of 54cm (21 ½ in) is preferred, and 43 – 52cm (17- 20 ½) for bitches, with a preferred height for them of 46cm (18).



19.1-27.3kg for male and 15.9-22.7kg for bitches



The companionship of dogs and other animals will be accepted without difficult and with children these dogs are friendship personified.



The coat is dense and wavy, or curly, the most usual colour and combinations are black, brown, white, and brown and white. 



The wavy-coated variety is usually closely clipped at the hindquarters and on the nose but the curly-coated dogs mostly have a working retriever clip (especially in the United States), with which only the tail is close-clipped, Groom them regularly with brush and comb.



Provided you understand the dog’s character, training is not difficult. They like to work hard, are intelligent, and understand quickly. These dogs are sensitive to the intonations in your voice. Alternate training and play and bear in mind that this extremely intelligent dog will take liberties if you think you can just fit a bit of training in when it suits you. Make sure you are consistent.   

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