Blood Hound



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Breed Description


Bloodhounds are very gentle giants. Their ability to follow a scent is legendary and they need very long walks on a lead or in a safe area. Affectionate and good-natured, they can be stubborn and independent when it suits them.  They are very powerful dogs larger than most hound breeds.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Giant dog breeds


Bloodhounds are gentle-natured and affectionate, boisterious when young, friendly, tenacious, independent, do not keep barking but have a very loud bark, and they possess a very good scenting nose. Once their interest is aroused in something, it is difficult to get their attention for anything else.

Breed Group:

Hound dog breeds


The shoulder-height is 63 - 69 cm (24.5 - 27.5in) for males, 58 - 63cm (22.5 - 24.5in) for females.


Males weigh an average of 41kg (90lb), Females 36kg (80lb).


The Bloodhounds usually gets on well with children. Care must be taken to make sure the children do not pester the dog because the dog is so good-natured that they will lie there and meekly let children clamber all over it. Both wanted and unwanted visitors will be greeted as if they are part of the family. They are very friendly to other dogs and household pets.


They have a short smooth-haired coat. The most usual colors are black and red, liver and red, and plain red. A small amount of white on the chest, feet, and tip of the tail is permissible.


Little grooming is required for Bloodhounds. Brush their hair from time to time to remove loose and dead hairs. Give attention to the ears by checking for dirt to prevent infection. Keep the ears clean.  Due to the drooping eye-lids of this dog its necessary to administer eye drops containing vitamin A.


Plenty of patience should be the virtue of a new owner of Bloodhound, especially during training. Consistency will pay off in the long run. They know full well how successfully they can get around you with a pathetic look and make use of it to get their own way.


The Bloodhound is a powerful animal, larger than most hound breeds. Its characterized by a thin, loose skin that hangs in deep folds, especially about the head, and imparts that lugubrious expression fro which it is so often caricatured. In temperament, the Bloodhound should not be quarrelsome with other dogs, as its nature tends to be reserved.

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