Welsh Spring Spaniel



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Breed Description

The Welsh springer spaniel is a superior water dog, very sharp and hard work, under any environmental conditions it is loyal and willing to work. It has a good sense of smell and can be used for any form of hunting.

Country of origin:


Size type:
Medium-sized dog breeds

Breed group:

Sporting dog breeds (AKC)
Gun Dog Breeds (UKC)


These are gentle, intelligent, sociable, and equable dogs that are pliable and obedient but a little bit stubborn. The breed is mad about water and has an out-standing sense of smell.


The maximum shoulder-height is 48cm (18 ½ in) for dogs and 46cm (18in) for bitches.

Female: 16–20 kg
Male: 18–20 kg


This breed is generally trouble-free in the company of other dogs and children. That is also usually true of cats and other household animals, but the dog should be introduced to them in a positive way when it is young. They are always friendly with people.


The coat consists of medium-length silken and lank hair. Curs are not permitted and the color is always red and white.


Regularly clip excess hair from the inner ear to prevent infections and also trim too much hair between the pads of the feet. Groom the coat at fixed intervals with brush and comb


 These dogs are not difficult to train although they can have mind of their own. They learn fairly quickly. Use your voice and praise them a lot buy be consistent to achieve the results. The breed has a strong desire to hurt so that it is advisable to train them to come to your command.

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