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Breed Description

the Sussex Spaniel is a very affectionate dog that originated from England. They have very soft curly hair. They love to bark and can be very lovable. They tend to be jealous and want to keep their handlers to themselves.

Country of origin:


Size type:
Small dog breeds

Breed group:

Sporting dog breeds (AKC)
Gun dog breeds (UKC)


These is a lovable, cunning, and affectionate dog that is cheerful, and likes to bark. They make pleasant household companions. Some of them can be rather jealous and want to keep their handler to themselves.


The shoulder-height is about 30cm (11 ½ in).


And the weight is 18-21kg (39 ½  - 46 ½ lb).for its height, Sussex Spaniel is a heavy dog. 


These are very sociable dogs which usually get on with children, cats, and other dogs.


The Sussex Spaniel has soft medium-length hair which forms a smooth coat without curls. The color is only a golden-glistening shade of liver.


Groom them regularly with brush and comb and keep the ear clean. Trim excessive hair between the pads on the bottom of the feet but leave the tuffs growing between the toes on the upper part of the feet. If necessary, have the older and lighter hairs removed by plucking. Too much hair under beneath the ears should be trimmed at fixed intervals Check when new teeth emerge that they do not push existing teeth aside, resulting in crooked teeth.


These quickly-learning pupils can have mind of their own. It is important to be consistent with them.

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