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Breed Description

The Field Spaniel is a gentle, affectionate, intelligent dog, a little bit stubborn, temperamental, and playful. The spaniel of English origin has a shiny and water-resistant coat that is smooth with waves and haws a silken texture.

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Size type:

Medium dog breeds

Breed group:

Sporting dog breeds


This breed is gentle, affectionate, intelligent, and just a little bit stubborn, temperamental, and playful, but they are very calm indoors. It is said that they have a tendency to become one-person’s-dogs.


The shoulder-height is about 46cm (18in).

40–55 lb (18–25 kg)


These dogs are friendly with everyone. In general they are very patient with children but if the play become too much for them, they become withdrawn. Make sure the dog is not pestered by children. Prevent problem later in the dog’s life with other animals by introducing it to them when it is young.


The shiny and water-resistant coat is smooth with waves and haws a silken texture. The most usual colour are liver, yellow-brown, mahogany, black, or a roan of one of these colours, sometimes including white or tan markings.


The field Spaniel usually needs to visit a dog-trimming parlour about four times each year. Dead hair are removed buy hand-plucking and hair on the ears, legs, and neck is also thinned out. Keep the ears clean.


These quickly-learning pupils react very strongly to your voice. Train them with a kind but consistent manner. Harsh words and a tough approach will disturb its sensitive nature. They need contact with people and become extremely neurotic if shut away in a kennel.

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