Clumber Spaniel



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Breed Description


The Clumber spaniel is heavier than any other spaniel, longer and lower to the ground indicating that it may not have the same origin as the other spaniels. The body shape suggests some basset Hound blood, while the heavy head is suggestive of the old Alpine Spaniel. It has a great deal of history in England.

Country of origin:



Size type:

Medium dog breeds



This is a gentle-natured, equable, cheerful, yet noble dog which has a good memory, a considerable stamina, and is calm indoors.


Breed group:

Sporting dog breeds (AKC)



Male: 18–20 inches (46–51 cm)
Female: 17–19 inches (43–48 cm)



Male: 31.8–38.6 kg
Female: 24.9–31.8 kg



Clumber Spaniels get on well with other dogs and that is true also for cats and other household animals. They are usually very trustworthy with children but are friends with everybody.



The Clumber Spaniels has a dense of medium-length silken hair. Then colour is usually white with lemon markings, although orange markings are also permissible.



This coat must be groomed regularly with brush and comb and the ear passage should be kept clean. Some of them have trouble with irritation of the ear but there are special lotions which provide relief. Occasionally it will become necessary to trim them back to breed standard removing the unruly hairs which stick more. If too much hair grows under the ears, it is best not to wait until the next overall trim to clip this.



The good memory combing with the fact that it likes to do things for its handler make this a fairly easily taught pupil.


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