American Cocker Spaniel



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Breed Description


American Cocker Spaniel is a distinctive, glamorous gundog, which was developed in America from Cocker Spaniels imported from England. It is has become popular considerably in both countries.

Country of origin:

United States


Size type:

Medium-sized dog breeds



These are lovable, gentle, and playful dogs that are intelligent and obedient.


Breed group:

Sporting dog breeds (AKC)



Male: 14–16 inches (37–39 cm)
Female: 14–14 inches (34–37 cm)



Male: 7–14 kg
Female: 7–14 kg



Dogs of this breed are very sociable and consequently they get along fine with their own kind and with other household pets. Because they will meekly accept virtually anything, it is to protect them from children’s play which can become too rough.



The hair on the head is short and fine while the body hair is medium length. There should be feathering of silken hair on the ears, chest, belly, and legs. Merican Cocker Spaniels are recognized by this long hair. Almost any colour is accepted, including black, deer red, light beige, black and tan, and multi-coloured.



The grooming of the coat is very important. With this spaniels it is necessary to brush and comb the hair every day. Additionally, if you want to keep the dog’s appearance according to the breed standard, you will need to take it about every four weeks to a dog-trimming parlous. Of course, the ears hair between the pads of the feet, under and inside the ear, should be trimmed.



Training the American Cocker Spaniel rarely leads to any problems. Train them with a gentle hand and bear in mind that they are sensitive to the tone of your voice and any upsets within the home.


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