Labrador Retriever



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Breed Description


Labrador is a very activity loving dog, easy to teach and very obedient. They were developed from the smaller version of Newfoundland breed but named after the sea they worked in “Labrador Sea”. They originated originally from Newfoundland but later taken to England where the breed was developed to what it is today.

Country of origin:



Size type:

Medium dog breeds



This is a friendly, good natured, intelligent dog that is keen to work, is obedient, sociable affectionate, pliable, sensible, thoughtful, loyal with an outstanding good scenting nose. Labradors mature quite late bodily and mentally.


Breed group:

Sporting dog breeds (AKC)



Male: 22–25 inches (56–62 cm)
Female: 21–24 inches (54–60 cm)



Male: 30–36 kg
Female: 25–32 kg



 Tis breed usually gets on fine other dogs and animals. With children they are both patient and good-natured but that is not stranger because they true friends to humans, which does not make them particularly vigilant.



The coat is thick and dense with a weather-resistant undercoat. The Labrador’s colours are plain black, yellow, or chocolate brown (liver). A small white marking on the chest is permissible. 



The coat is not difficult to care for. Brush it once a week and give more attention during moulting.



The Labrador Retriever is an intelligent dog that is not difficult to train because it learns quickly and likes to work for its handler. It is a great pity if such a dog can do nothing more than be a pet. They are excellence field sports and search dogs, but they also excel in obedience competitions. If you partake in any of these activities, you will see how pleasure it gives this dog.


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