Chesapeake Bay Retriever



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Breed Description


Chesapeake bay retriever is a friendly, intelligent and obedient dog which originated from the United States of America. They come with yellow to brown dense coat. They can be very active and have a mind of their own.


Country of origin

United States


Size type:

Large dog breeds



These are friendly, intelligent, and obedient dogs with a mind of their  own, are mad about water, tough on themselves, boisterous, full of energy, and vigilant. The dogs in particular can be rather dominant.


Breed group:

Sporting dog breeds (AKC)



The shoulder-height is 58 – 66cm (22 ½ - 26in) for dogs and 33 – 61cm (20 ½ - 24in) for bitches.



Male: 65 - 80 lb (29 to 36 kg)
Female: 55 - 70 lb (25 to 32 kg)



This dog will get along perfectly well a cat that is already present in the house, yet it will chase other cats. The dog in particular can behave dominant towards other males, although this much depend upon their social training.



The Chesapeake’s coat is its trade mark; thick and short with a dense woolly undercoat. The coat may be wavy in some places but never curly, and it feels greasy to the touch. The color is between yellow-brown, and dark brown. The darker coloring is more usual.



Grooming of this breed is fairly simple. During moulting it is necessary to brush the dog to remove dead and loose hairs, but take care not to harm the texture of the coat. For this same reason it is not advisable to wash this breed.



This breed is not recommended for the inexperienced new dog owner. The handler needs to be confident and to exude authority because these dogs like to have their own way. They are less gentle-natured than, for example the Golden Retriever. A consistent but kind approach is the most successful way and it is recommended to attend an obedience class with this dog. They are usually slow to mature to adulthood.


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