Skye Terrier



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Breed Description


Skye terriers are principally family pets. They are affectionate dog which are calm and full of character. They are good watchdogs. These dogs can live for long and demand plenty of exercise.


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Size type:

Small dog breed



This is an affectionate dog which is calm, noble, makes a good watchdog, and is full of character. It is a little reserved with strangers and very loyal to its own family. Some of them have the tendency to become a one-person’s dog.


Breed group:

Terrier dog breeds (AKC)






16-18kg for dogs and 11.5-14kg for bitches



They get along well with their own kind and other animals-although much has to do with their early social training. They also get on fine with children but do not like to be teased. Some dogs are rather dominant towards other dogs.



The Skye Terrier has a double-layered coat. The topcoat is long, hard and straight, without curls, while the undercoat is short, thick and wooly. They can be black or grey, but roe-deer brown and blonde with dark markings on the ears, muzzle, and tail, are also possible.



The Skye Terrier requires little grooming even though the coat may suggest otherwise. A good brushing once a week is sufficient to keep it in good condition. The hair should fall into a parting from the centre of the back. Remove loose hairs and dirt from the ear passages and it is also advisable to trim excess hair between the pads of the feet.



The training needs to be done with mutual respect, with you being fair and consistent, but also giving the dog room for its own initiative.


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