Parson Jack Russell Terrier



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Breed Description


The Parson Jack Russell Terrier is an intelligent, happy and obedient dog that is alert and vigilant. This dog learns quickly and can be very independent. It behaves excellently with children but tends to be dominant towards other dogs. It is also known as the Russell Terrier, Parson Russell Terrier or Jack Russell Terrier.

Country of origin: 


Size type:

Small dog breeds



This is a very active, intelligent and cunning dog that is vigilant, bold and enterprising, hard upon itself, brave (sometimes foolhardy), has plenty of self-confidence-verging on dominance-and is quite independent.


Breed group:

Terrier dog breed (UKC) (AKC)



31-35cm for dogs and 34-38cm for bitches






Generally, this breed produces uncomplicated and socially accepted dogs. They get on well with other household pets and love to play with children. When their social training has been good, they can also get on well with household cat but they frequently cannot resist the urge to chase a cat which runs away from them-they are still hunting dogs! Somewhat dominant dogs can often be foolhardy in the presence of larger dogs. Visiting strangers will always be announced.



There are smooth-haired and rough-haired Parson Jack Russell Terriers. Both types of coat should be wiry, dense, and thick. They are usually predominantly white with tan, lemon, black, or tripled colour markings-preferably restricted to the head and root of the tail.



The Parson Jack Russell Terrier is easy to care for. During moulting you should remove loose hairs everyday with a rubber brush. The rough-haired type requires its coat to be plucked occasionally.



These dogs can learn very quickly but have the tendency to try to have their own way in everything. Do not let yourself be won over by their mischievous charm; they know perfectly well how to try to win you over. Remain consistent at all times!


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