Kerry Blue Terrier



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Breed Description


The Kerry Blue  terriers are intelligent dogs with amazing memory. They are special dogs whose coat is meant to be unkempt. If you want a dog which is not everybody’s friend and which is also fairly unusual, provided you are confident in yourself, can be consistent, value a dog that has a nature of its own, then the Kerry Blue is a perfect choice.


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Size type:

Medium dog breed



These dogs are intelligent and have a very good memory, they are lively and boisterous, self-confident, vigilant and brave, and they bond very closely with their handler. In addition they can be stubborn, they are hardy, have a mind of their own, and are ever-ready to fight their own kind. They Kerry Blue can be willful.


Breed group:

Terrier dog breeds (AKC)









This Terrier is loving with children and very attached top its handler and family. Try to make it confident with cats and other household animals when very young so that it will not pester them when older. Some of them very much enjoy the company of other dogs, while other prefers to go through life as an “only dog.” This does not solely depend upon the early social training without such a good outing grumbling.



The Kerry Blue a soft, think and abundantly curly coat without an under-layer. The colour is light to dark blue. Puppies are born black and it can take up to a year and half before the coat changes colour to blue.



The Kerry Blue Terrier   needs to be trimmed with scissors and trimmed .in addition to this, they needs grooming occasionally with brush and comb. Dogs for showing will require greater levels of grooming. And advantage of the Kerry Blue is that he does not lose hairs.



Because this dog is active, self-confident, and stubborn, it needs a handler who is confident of his ability and leadership. They are not therefore suitable for beginners. It may want to attack other dogs in the street and this must not be tolerated-even though it is a natural character trait of the breed. The Kerry Blue certainly has an aptitude for sport like fly-ball and agility training but if you decide to involve the dog, it sons or drills are too monotonous for the Kerry Blue, its stubbornness to surface.


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