Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier



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Breed Description


The soft-coat Wheaten Terrier is naturally a hunting dog but has been adapted into a family pet. It is cheerful and happy. It is very intelligent and quickly grasp whatever is required of it.


Country of origin:


 Size Type:

Small dog breeds


This breed is cheerful and extrovert, active and playful, intelligent and eager to learn, and they bond extremely closely with their family. The dogs are also slightly independent, self-confident, and seldom bark.


Breed group:

Terrier dog breeds (AKC)



46-48cm for dogs and 43-46cm for bitches



15.9-18.1kg for dogs and 13.6-15.9kg for bitches



Soft-coated wheaten Terrier are usually very loving with children and get on reasonably well with other dogs. Provided they are socialized when young, they will also normally cause no difficult with cats.



The coat is very soft and silken with a light wave or curl. The colour is a range of tints from light wheaten to reddish gold. The attractive adult coat can take two years to grow. The coat of the soft-coated wheaten Terrier must not be woolly.



The breed is normally trimmed to set style, leaving the hair around the face, feet, neck, chest, and belly longer than elsewhere. The dogs do not moult in spring, and autumn but loose hairs should be comb out of the coat from time to time. Well-groomed examples shed very little hair in the house.



 In common with all other dogs, the soft-coated wheaten Terrier needs to be taught what what it may and what may not do. Because they are very intelligent, they will generally grasp quickly what is required of them.


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