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Breed Description


The Fox Terrier (smooth and wired) is a good family pet with lots of energy and exercise demanding. It is an ideal dog for a sportive family. It is very intelligent, cunning and gets on well with children.


Country of origin:



Size type:

Small dog breed



The fox Terrier is a very intelligent and cunning, hard, lively, and cheerful dog which is watchful, alert, brave, resolute, and self-confident.


Breed group:

Terrier dog breeds (AKC)



36-41cm for dogs and 33-38cm for bitches



7-9kg for dogs and 6-8kg for bitches



This breed usually gets on well with children. Some Fox Terrier can be rather dominant towards their own kind. Teach the dog when young how to get on with cats and your other household animals so that it will not chase them later. Fox Terriers are ever alert and will go to the attack if there is danger, but they are not unfriendly towards strangers.



There are two types of Fox terrier: the smooth-haired and the wire-haired. The smooth has a dense coat of sleek short hairs which may not rough coat that is thick and hard and should be neither curly nor soft.



The coat of the wire generally requires plucking with the fingers several times each year. In addition to this the dog should be groomed several times a week with brush and comb. For showing even greater levels of grooming will be required. The smooth can be adequately taken care of with a weekly brushing. Use a rubber brush during moulting to remove dead and loose hairs. 



Fox Terriers learn quite quickly. They can be rather stubborn – but that is inherent with all Terriers. Make certain you remain consistent in your training.  


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