Australian Terrier



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Breed Description


Developed in Australia the Australian terrier is a small breed of dog of the terrier dog type. The Australian terrier is a vigilant, alert, lively dog. It was undoubtedly bred from old British breeds but hard to say which ones.

Country of Origin:


Size type:

Small dog breed


The Australian terrier is a vigilant and alert, brave, lively, self-confident, and is very adaptable, intelligent, playful, independent, and a bit stubborn. They are excellent vermin destroyers and like to bark.

Breed Group:

Terrier Dog Breed


The shoulder-height is about 25cm(9.5in).


They weigh between 5.5 - 6.5kg (12 - 14.5 lb).


The Australian Shepherd is a spirited and alert breed with natural aggressiveness. They are very active and playful. The adult males can be very territorial especially against other male dogs but in general Australian terrier is friendly with people and loves to interact with people.


The coat is straight, hard, and medium length. The breed has a blue back and deep shades of tan on legs and muzzle. The locks of hair over the eyes may be blue or silver, but sandy or red is also acceptable.


The Australian Terrier’s coat requires plucking about every three months. Grooming with brush and comb between these times about once a week and ensure that no hair is growing inside the ear passages.


The training of the Australian terrier needs to be strict because this self-confident freebooter will sometimes only follow its own ideas. They learn quite quickly.


The Australian Terrier is a compact and active dog with a long head, flat skull, soft topknot, and powerful jaw. The eyes are small, keen, and dark in color, and the ears are small, set high on the skull, pricked or dropped towards the front and fringed with long hair.

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