Bedlington Terrier



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Breed Description


The Bedlington Terrier is chiefly a family pet that is brave and tenacious. They can run fast and jump high and therefore like to exercise. They can cope considerably well in a flat or maisonette provided it has considerable exercise


Country of origin:



Size type:

Small dog breeds



The Bedlington Terrier is brave and tenacious, intelligent, peaceful indoors and equable, loving with children, playful, barks little, is loyal, cheerful and has a mind of its own. They tend to bond closely with one member of the family


Breed group:

Terrier dog breeds (AKC)



41-44cm for dogs and 38-42cm for bitches






This breed usually gets on well with children. They need to learn to like cats and also other household animals when they are young. Generally they get on well with other dogs but keep them from dominant dogs, because once challenged they are terrifying fighters



The Bedlington used to be called wolf in sheep’s clothing; its coat grows in curly short whirls, which stand out from the body. They can be plain blue, blue with brown, liver, or sandy-coloured. The most common colour is blue. Puppies are born black or brown



This dog needs to visit a dog trimming palour at least once a year for its coat to be kept in order. It also requires regular grooming with brush and with comb. It does not moult. Keep the ears free of hair by removing them yourself or get a trimming palour to do it for you

Bedlingtons should not be washed too often or the coat will become lank, which is not considered appropriate for the breed. Dogs which are to be shown require greater levels of grooming



Bedlingtons are intelligent and they grasp things quickly, although they can be a bit stubborn. They react well to your voice, but the occasional corrective measure may be required


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