Estrela Mountain Dog or Portuguese Shepherd



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Breed Description


The Estrela Mountain dog or Portuguese Shepherd is a friendly and good with children. It is good as a family pet and also a guard dog. Train with an authoritative approach and you will get the best from this dog.

Country of origin:



Size type:

Giant dog breeds



This breed is vig8ilant sometimes rather nosily alert, sober equable intelligent and eager to learn but it can also be stubborn independent but affectionate and it bounds very closely wit5h the family and with people it know


Breed group:

Herding dogs (AKC)

Guarding dogs (UKC)









Those who are known to the family and all the people and animals of the household will be seen as its responsibility to look after strangers will be extremely suspiciously regarded



There are two types of coat for this breed long haired and short haired both type  of coat should be abundant with an under layer of fine short hair reddish brown wolf grey and yellow plain or with markings are all permitted



This breed requires a little grooming. during moulting use a comb with double row of metal teeth to remove dead and loose hairs. keep the ear passages clean always    



the Estrela Mountrail n dog learns quite quickly some  examples of the breed have excelled at obedience trials they are intelligent and agile enough to perform well ion skills trail but only if both of you enjoy the activity at competition level the ester will be overtaken by faster breed stubbornness and making up their own mind are characteristics of the Estrela but they  will only appear if the dog finds the drill boring or that it use pressured an equable and  quite approach with consistency is the key to successful upbringing of this breed.


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