Greater Swiss Mountain Dog



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Breed Description


Greater Swiss Mountain dogs are friendly dogs, they are faithful to their handlers and always willing to work. They are very strong dogs and therefore are not suitable for everyone.


Country of origin:



Size type:

Large dog breeds



This breed is intelligent, friendly, keen to its work, watchful, reliable not easily led astray by bribes, and protective.               


Breed group:

Working dog breeds (AKC)

Guarding dog breed (UKC)



65-72cm for dogs and 60-68cm for bitches



60-70kg for dogs and 50-60kg for bitches



This breed get on well with dogs and other household animals under your care it will make a marvelous friend for your children too but do not forget that it will protect your children against their friends if it thinks they are being pestered by them



The coat is straight haired with a thick woolly under layer .The colour is always black with rust coloured and with markings



The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog required little grooming. An occasional session with rubber brush to remove dead and loose hairs is adequate


Even though this breed bonds closely with the family of which they from a part, they are not a suitable breed for everyone, The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog has a very strong character and call out for a handler who  is equally strong. It must get the chance of growing up in a well-balanced environment and have a clear understanding of what is permitted and what is not and able to build a close bound with his consistent with it. A sever approach will only ruin the dog nature. Watch and control it carefully during the growing stage so that all its energy can be used for building healthy bones friends if it thinks they are being pestered by them.


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