Australian Shepherd



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Breed Description


Australian Shepherd also known as Aussie, although virtually unknown in Australia was developed exclusively in the USA, and used in farms and ranches.  It has a close resemblance to the Border Collie and English Shepherd.

Country of Origin:

United States

Size type:

Medium size dog breeds


This dog has strong herding and guarding instinct. Australian Shepherd is intelligent, eager to learn, level-headed, vigilant, alert, active, tough, very loyal, has ample stamina, and bonds closely with the family.

Breed Group:

Working dog breed


The shoulder-height is anywhere between 43 - 66 cm (17 - 26 in).


They weigh anywhere between 14  - 29 kg (30 - 65 lb).


Well socialized Australian Shepherd gets on well with children, other dogs, and pets, but can be very shy with strangers. This dog enjoys working, whether it is learning and practicing tricks, competing in dog agility, or engaging in any other physically and mentally involving activity. Due to their high energetic nature they require a great deal of exercise and attention.


The coat consists of medium to long hair coat that has either pronounced or loose waves and a dense undercoat. Their colors are black, red, marbled black, white and gray, marbled red, etc. with some white.


Relatively little grooming is needed for its coat. During moulting the under layer of the coat is shed, requiring a good combing to remove loose hairs.


Australian shepherd learns so quickly and eagerly so training is easy. This breed requires a lot of exercise and yet needs to be occupied. It is sensible to involve it in agility skills training, fly-ball, or obedience competitions. 


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