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Breed Description


The Shar Pei is a generally friendly dog that bonds with both family and non-family members. They are playful, active and loyal to their handler.


Country of origin:



Size type:

Medium dog breeds



This breed is loyal to its handler, playful, active, dominant, brave, and is an intelligent dog that not follow slavishly and is reasonably vigilant


Breed group:

Non-sporting dog breeds (AKC)

Northern breeds (UKC)






24.9-29.5kg for dogs and 18.1-24.9kg



The Shar Pei bounds with the people who from its family but they are not unfriendly towards strangers. Normally they are fine with children and cats present no problem of they have met them when young. Mixing with other dogs can sometimes present problems this is because the Shar pei is by nature ready for a fight.        


The coat is very and is intended to be very short and bristly (the “housecoats” variety). There is also a variety with longer hair (the “brush coat”) but these are not preferred. Permitted colored are black, brown, red and fawn. A cream-coloured coat is also know but is not highly are permitted but never white or multi-colored, Shar Pei dogs have a blue tongue and blue pigment.  



The Shar Pei has folds of skin over his entire body, especially when young. Check them regularly and clean if necessary. Some example have a tail which lies very close to the body and his too needs to be inspected and cleaned to prevent infections. Put drops in the eyes as necessary and groom the coat with a soft brush.                                                                              



The training needs to be extremely consistent whenever you are too uncertain, too inconstant, too soft, or too lenient in the dog’s eyes it will reverse roles. The Shar Pie needs a confident handler


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