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Breed Description


The Spanish Mastiff is a good guard dog. It is very gentle-natured towards members of the family but is mistrustful to strangers. It needs a authoritative handler if obedience and good training is expected from it.


Country of origin:



Size type:

Giant dog breeds



This breed is very gentle natured for the members of its family, but it is very mistrusted of stranger, this dogs is also self-confident and  independent, intelligent, and very alert and  it will protect you and your family against unwelcome visitor to its full ability


Breed group:

Guard dogs (UKC)



77-88cm for dogs and 72-88cm for bitches



90-100kg for dogs and 52-77kg for bitches



Its own family is always the most important for a Spanish mastiff. This dog takes its responsibility as watchdog very seriously and will allow no person or no other animal onto the property where it lives.       This is a role it assumes naturally without training or commands. When its handler indicates without visitors are indeed wanted, it accepts them without difficulty. It is always friendly towards other animals regardless of whether they are cats or large or small livestock. It is usually extremely patient with children.



The Spanish mastiff has straight hair with a dense under- layer. The centre of the back and the tail has longer hair. The colours can be plain yellow, red, black, Wolf-grey, and red- brown, or broken colours or spotted white should not be too dominant.



Grooming the Spanish mastiff regularly with a brush, especially during the moult, and examine the ear passages for dirt.



It is important to train the Spanish mastiff with an equable, consistent and loving approach. A tough or unjust approach to training will bring undesirable characteristics to the surface. Its handler needs to be a well balance, calm person who naturally exudes leadership


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