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Breed Description


Afghan hounds came from the mountains and plains of Afghanistan, developing from two distinct types which are now almost entirely intermingled. They got into Britain in 1894 and to North America in 1926.

Country of Origin:

Size Type: 

Large dog breed


Afghan hounds are independent, proud, and noble dogs. They tend to be very calm indoors but very active outdoors. This intelligent breed is not very compliant with the owner, and is very brave, vigilant, not noisy, and cautious with strangers. They love to chase anything that moves quickly. The males can be rather dominant.

Breed Group:

Hounds (AKC), Sight hounds (FCI).


The shoulder-height of Dogs is 68 - 74cm (27-29inches), Bitches 63 - 69cm (25 - 28inches).


Dogs about 27.5kg (60lb), bitches 22.6kg (50lb) according to (AKC).


Afghan hounds has very long, fine coat. The hair on the face is short. They can come in any color but the most common colors are red through to shades of beige, often with a darker mask.


Due to the long coat the Afghan hound requires full hour of careful grooming each time, twice a week.  The best method is to comb each handful of hair from the skin outwards so that no tangles can be overlooked, but take care not to break the hairs. Clean the ear often also.


The independent nature of Afghan hounds makes them difficult to train and they will never obey you totally. These dogs are not recommended for inexperienced owners. The trainer is advised to use a firm yet soft hand with them in order to achieve anything during the course of training.


The movement of the Afghan hound should be smooth and springy with considerable style. The dog gives impression of strength and dignity combined with speed and power. The head is long and lean, the body strong and deep, with very muscled forequarters and powerful hind-quarters.

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