Tibetan Mastiff



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Breed Description


The Tibetan Mastiff is loving dog that distrusts strangers and is suitable both as a watch dog and as a family pet. They have average demand for exercise and will enjoy taking a walk with you across the wood.


Country of origin:

Tibet (China)


Size type:

Large dog breeds



Equable, calm and thoughtful, the Tibetan Mastiff is dignified, very loyal to its own family. Reserved towards strangers and can be both stubborn and of its own mind is also dominant and self-confident. It comes naturally to this mastiff to guard its family and the property.              


Breed group:

Working dog breeds (AKC) or Guardian dogs (UKC)






45-73kg for dogs and 34-54kg for bitches



The Tibetan Mastiff is by and large loving with children but he will distrust strangers. If it has gained confidence in contant with other animals when young, it will acceot them. Contact with other dogs is also usually without difficulty



This breed has a long thick coat with a heavy under-layer. The Tibetan Mastiff is known in plain black, black and tan, golden brown or grey, with and without a markings.



This breed required regular grooming with a brush. In the winter the Tibetan mastiff has an abundance of hair forming a very thick coat. But at the beginning of the summer the owner must spend half an hour daily pulling out the loose hairs with a brush and comb the Tibetan mastiff becomes adult somewhat later than other breeds.   



This special dog has to be raised to adulthood in a carefully well-balanced matter manner. Strong words and a readiness to hit the dog will only cause it to ignore its handler. The objective is to achieve a bound of mutual respect between you


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