Bernese Mountain Dog



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Breed Description


The Bernese Mountain dog is a good watchdog and family pet. They are wonderful with children. They love lots of exercises and are friendly, intelligent and loyal to their handlers.


Country of origin:



Size type:

Large dog breeds.



The Bernese Mountain Dog is an equable vigilant, and friendly dog which is not easily led astray by bribes and is very loyal to its handler and family. It is also attentive, calm intelligent and seldom barks


Breed group:

Working dog breeds (AKC)



64-70cm for dogs and 58-66cm for bitches






Bernese Mountain Dogs are normally wonderful with children and will also protect them provided they have met cats and other household animals as young dogs, they will always behave properly in their presence. They are  good watch dogs but they will never jump up  and down and peace your garden fence barking  unknown visitor will be  announced with full throated  barking and then carefully watched they will stand ready to defense  you if required to some of them can rather dominant towards their own kind.                 



The coat is medium-length and straight to slightly curly and has thick under layer the colour is always chiefly black rust and white markings.



In those place where the hair readily tangles (hindquarter, neck, the leg socket and behind the ears), it must be regularly groomed with brush and comb when necessary trim any excessive hair growth between the pads of the feet.



The Bernese  mountain Dog requires an equable consistent, and very loving approach to being brought up this dogs is a quick learner and an eager pupil which is very responsive to your voice. Never let a growing dog run up and down stairs and avoid them being overtaxed physically the animals needs all its energy to build strong bones, joint and put on weight.


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