Finnish Spitz



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Breed Description


The Finnish Spitz is a dog originally used for hunting birds and small animals. It is suitable as a family pet and likes to be outdoors. It is lively, curious and very obedient.


Country of origin:



Size type:

Medium dog breeds



This breed is lively and curious, though not overwhelmingly so. It is a watchdog that only barks when necessary. They are very delightful with children, homely and sociable, very loyal to their own family but do not follow their handler’s orders slavishly


Breed group:

Non-sporting dog breeds (AKC)



44-50cm for dogs and 39-45cm for bitches



12-13kg for dogs and 7-10kg for bitches



Finnish Spitz usually do not cause problems in the intercourse with other dogs. They get along fine with children. Visitors will always be announced. But that is all, it is no defender.



The coat consists of thick, erect, medium-length hair with a thick under-layer of straight hair. The colour may be red-brown or yellowish red and small white markings are permissible. Puppies are born much darker and acquire their reddish coat later



The Finish Spitz has a self-cleaning coat in common with the other Arctic dogs. Regular grooming with brush or comb is however still necessary. The coat of this breed does not have the customary smell usually associated with dog hair.



Those looking for a dog that always obey should look elsewhere than the Finnish Spitz but with ample patience and understanding, together with a consistent manner, it is possible to achieve the basic level of training with these dogs.


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