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Breed Description


The Siberian Husky is a sledge dog that loves plenty of exercise. They have a mind of their own and do not perform very well as family pet. Only occasional grooming is required with this dog.


Country of origin:

Alaska, Russia


Size type:

Medium dog breeds



This breed is independent with a mind of its own, is very intelligent, full of energy, cheerful, loves to wander, and is very fond of its handler or family.

Because they are friendly with everyone, they are not ideal watchdogs


Breed group:

Working dog breeds (AKC)



53-60cm for dogs and 51-56cm for bitches



20-27kg for dogs and 16-23kg for bitches



Siberian Huskies generally get along with their own kind but the contact with other household animals needs careful handling and training. Cats and jerboa or other pet rodents are not really suitable companions to share a home with this dog.

Fortunately children are not a problem. This breed finds it very hard to be left on its own, so it is advisable to have more than one Husky


The Husky has a double-layered, medium-length coat. Every colour and combination are accepted. With this breed even partially blue eyes are permissible.



An occasional brushing and combing, particularly during moulting, is adequate for this breed. The coat is usually more handsome when the Husky is kept in an outdoor kennel.



Most Huskies do not fill the role of family pet very well, although perhaps a sportive family might be better suited.

The Husky is a sledge dog in heart and soul. To teach the Husky anything will require a careful approach and being very consistent towards it. The other requirements are considerable patience and an understanding of the character of Arctic dogs.

A Husky will only obey a command in which it sees any point. If you consider acquiring a Husky, it is sensible to contact a specialist on Arctic dogs and/or the breed society before doing so

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