Greenland Dog



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Breed Description


The Greenland Dog is a sledge dog that is independent, friendly and lovable. They require a great deal of exercise and are sensitive to temperature changes.


Country of origin:

Scandinavia and Denmark.


Size type:

Large dog breeds



This breed is independent, equable, dominant, tough on itself, and has a mind of its own. The Greenland Dog barely barks but howls quite a lot.

This is definitely not a family pet. They have an amazing amount of energy and tremendous stamina.


Breed group:

Northern Breeds (UKC)


58-68cm for dogs and 51-61cm for bitches






This breed cannot stand being left on its own. If you decide on it, you should get two dogs. They are perfectly happy in an outdoor kennel. They do not usually get on well with either cats or other household animals. Friends and strangers alike will be exuberantly greeted, probably with howling.

Consequently, they are not suitable as watchdogs in spite of their size



The Greenland Dog has a double-layered coat: the under-layer is soft and thick, the outer-layer protects well against the weather.

All colours are accepted with the exception of albino.



This breed does not need much attention to its coats. During moulting, when the outer-layer of the coat is shed, the best way to remove loose hairs is to use a comb with a double row of metal teeth.



Training this dog is not particularly easy due to is rather independent nature, with a mind of its own.

This is a sledge dog not a family pet, which can cover enormous distances and will do so given half a chance, staying away for days at a time-so that a good fence is essential. Pulling a sledge is when it is most in its element so this breed is ideal for someone wanting a dog for this very purpose.


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