How the way you keep your dog can tell if you can be rich

By Kodichukwu Okonkwo, DVM | May 12th, 2018

Riches has nothing to do with formal education or university degrees but the way you live your life looking for wealth determines how wealthy or rich you become. Some say that the wealth you have currently is as a function of the amount you need or the amount you have and feel wealthy.  Some feel very wealthy having very insignificant amount of cash and properties while others never feel wealthy because they have many things to do with money even when they possess enormous wealth.

The question is mostly: how do you acquire this wealthy? Some will first ask you why you want the money in the first place and how badly you need the money. Here, the distinction between want and need comes in. Do you just want it or need it?

Being rich is when you have enough money, properties and possessions above the ones owned by the average majority of the society. This only applies to the societal scale and different from the community scale and down to the family scale where you might be richer than the majority of people in your family maybe your brothers or sisters.

Making money is a function of; what you are willing to give to receive the wealth you desire, the worth of what you are giving, the scale at which you give it and the efficiency at which you give it. These 4 rules largely determines how far you get in making wealth or becoming rich.

Here we will focus on the personal level of the way you will make the money you desire and how the way you keep your dog can determine if you can get rich. Actually this article does not address the money you make from keeping dogs like sales of the puppies and so on but will focus squarely on the attitude you can spot in yourself while caring for your dog and use it to see your financial picture.

Dogs are animals domesticated by man as companion and guards, among other functions given to this animal. Dogs have become a very important part of man that many families and individuals keep them and care for them with their resources and time. Caring for dogs can be very close to the way we care for human beings that we love and cherish. These creatures are mostly completely at the mercy of the owner for virtually everything including food, health care, training, exercise, friendship etc.

When you see someone’s dog, you can immediately tell the kind of person that individual is and possibly how the person thinks. For instance when you see someone with a very nicely groomed hairy dog you can instantly tell that the person pays attention to details and is willing to do extra work to make things right. This is the kind of analogy we will use in this piece to determine your financial picture using your dog.

Do you check on your dog every day?

It is not enough to just look at your dog each day and just feed him without at least thinking about his health by checking for external parasite on his skin and paying attention to change of behavior. Most people do not do this until the dog is very sick then they start to run around for help. This same issue is applicable to our source of finance that only when the money is cut off that we start to take measures to put things back in place. People who check up on their dogs daily or most times are more likely to make plans for the future finacially.

Do you often caution your dog’s bad behavior?

People that recognize bad behaviors are most likely to avoid the bad behaviors themselves or better still hide their bad behaviors to maximize their ability to earn more money.

Do you plan ahead for the feeding and health care of your dog?

Planning ahead is a common attribute of rich people. These people deprive themselves of immediate gratification for a greater one in future where some of them buy real estate deals instead of taking a trip to a foreign land. Eventually, the investments they make pays for these personal gratifications well in the future.

Do you follow the medical records of your dog diligently?

Most rich people know that without good health there is no happiness and ultimately there is no wealth. They observe every health activities and adhere to medical advice.

Do you take your dog on a walk routinely?

Exercise is a very important activity for every living thing without which we will not need all the appendages we possess like our hands and legs even our neck. Exercise enables blood flow throughout the body keeping the body healthy and alert. The fact that you thought about taking your dog for a walk based on health makes you stable in body and soul and able to accumulate wealth. Many inventions were conceived during walks and we enjoy them today.

Do you ever bathe your dog yourself?

Bathing your dog yourself helps you to see hidden things affecting the dog which you are not able to see just looking at the dog. Some people try to avoid things that seem humiliating or activities that dampens their ego even when they needed to learn how those things work. Rich people are very good at that. Some will just start cleaning his office with the cleaner and eventually learn many  of what the cleaner lacks to do a better job and same applies to other activities in that category.

Do you coach your dog yourself?

Coaching a dog can be a very difficult task to accomplish. First you have to take classes or read books on how it is done then try to apply them. Some dogs will take a very long time to learn some tricks which can be frustrating. Rich people know that to earn more money you will need to teach others to replace you when you are off for other important engagements that require your attention. Like dogs, coaching humans can be very frustrating sometimes but you will need to know why and address it or you may not have opportunity to leave that task for more important ones.

Do you give your dog excessive freedom?

Rich people know that excessive freedom to do anything is not good for business. You can’t give your staff unlimited freedom neither will you give yourself such freedom because chaos will become entrenched and poverty will follow. Many dog owners have realized that their cars have been wrecked by their dogs. Dogs kept to roam freely around the house without training may end up chewing parts of their cars, air condition fittings, wires, digging their plants out and so on. Rich people know that freedom needs supervision sometimes.


I have been in contact with many clients and I have studied some of them through simple observation and came to the above deductions using the way they care for their dogs and their level of riches to compare many scenarios and arrived at the outline above. I don’t mean that if you do all these you will become rich but if the behavior is applied to your pursuit of wealth then there is a very high chance you will be rich.


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